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Charters Towers Tourist Park Guest Stay Guidelines

Unlike most accommodation facilities we do not have specific rules of stay for our Park. We like people to employ common sense and enjoy the facilities we make available to all.

During your stay, please be mindful that others use the facilities also. We request that excessive noise be kept to a minimum.

If guests arrive with a pet then we direct your attention to our dog rules and we will require that our dog register is signed.

There is no washing of cars or vans in the park and there are signs advising of such.

Please note - Top Tourist Members must book direct with our Park to obtain their discount. A discount is not given when a reservation is made through on line booking channels where commissions have to be paid. So please give us a call to obtain your discount.

Dog Rules

We love dogs, but as we know some dogs can be known to impinge on the privacy of others.


    Restrain their dog on a short lead at all times whilst in the Park grounds.

    Exercise their dogs outside our park grounds.

    Collect all dog droppings in a plastic bag which is to be tied and disposed of in rubbish bins provided. This includes from all park verges.

    Not allow their dogs to go onto any gardens or dig holes at any time.

    Leave their site clean and free of dog’s bones etc.


    Leave their dogs unattended in the park without prior approval of management.

    Take their dogs into the pool enclosure, laundry, amenities, camp kitchen, BBQ or cabin areas.

    Wash or dry pet towels, blankets etc in the park washing machines or dryers.

    Allow visitors dogs to enter the park at any time.

All dog owners agree to abide by our park rules and to take full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by their dog whilst within the confines of the park and agree to pay for any claims of compensation in relation to their dogs activities.

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